Our carnivore journey started on July 19, 2022. But you want the story that lead up to that, right?

This whole year (2022) my husband had suffered from near constant gout attacks. Not only that all his joints were just giving out on him. He was in constant pain and some days he could barely walk. His hands hurt really bad, making his job difficult and he had lost the use of his thumbs about a year ago…making his job even harder. He was sure he was about to need his right hip replaced. He had his left hip replaced in 2019, and even it was giving him some trouble.

On July 18 he stumbled onto a video on YT about the carnivore diet. He told me he wanted to try it. I decided to just jump on board with him, to make it easier for him.

Within a month—his pain is gone, he is no longer hobbling around, he’s regained complete use of his thumbs and no sign of gout anywhere. I think he’s also lost a little over 20 pounds.

On July 19 I told my friend Lois that we were doing carnivore. I didn’t say anything else to her.

Now for the past year she had been fighting inflammation. She read The Plant Paradox and had spent the last year trying to figure out which damn plants she could eat and how well she could tolerate ones she tried to add back into her diet. She LOVED her veggies. So I told her, in passing, what we were doing.

Four days later she sends me a message that said, “I’ve been doing carnivore for four days. I will NeVeR eat another vegetable in my life.” She just went and researched it herself and jumped on it.

So she’s a month into it now and while she does still have some inflammation to combat, she is so much better and so much happier. She finally feels like getting up and moving around again. The puffiness around her knees is a lot better.

As for me, my issues aren’t so outwardly noticeable. I have a heart issue and I fully intend to get it as healed as possible, get back in shape and see what a 55 year old grandmother can do with these muscles. I do feel soooooo much better, I have more mental clarity, I’m not moody and no longer fighting mild depression. I was keto several years ago and had started back on keto in June. I discovered that wheat and starches like rice and potatoes were completely screwing me up…so I cut those out. Once those were gone it was easy to just go keto again. And then hubby found carnivore. I do/did love the keto eating way of life. But I have to tell you it pales in comparison to carnivore in how you feel and how clear your mind can get.

So, if you’re ready to take charge of your health, check out our carnivore resource page and dig in. If you’re ready to start moving your body again, check out our Beachbody page. Oh, and once I got my diet right…then I got back into the fitness mindset. I didn’t even want to think about moving my body when I had carb brain. So you might want to start with diet…but movement is hugely important for everyone, so check that out too.

And, if you don’t think you can handle carnivore, please, at least check out the keto lifestyle. Food and nutrition ARE the foundation of life and health. And so many things we have been lied about—at least since the 70s that I’m aware of. I remember when national media started the whole low-fat eat more vegetables movement.And you can see how bad that’s fucked us all up! Obesity has soared through the roof since the 70s. 🙁

All the best,