So, my coach, Angie and I, are inviting you into a glimpse of our lives and what it’s like to be a Beachbody coach. The best way to do this is just share my story and my journey with you.

As I think back on my life, I’m 55, I’ve always been a coach. Not always in health and wellness, but my entire life has been spent coaching other people towards improvement. I didn’t just raise my kids, I coached them about all aspects of life.

People have always come to me for my advice or my opinion.

I’ve always researched things I did not know or did not understand.

I even started this blog as a health and wellness coach before I discovered Beachbody, so BB was just a natural extension of what I was already doing, PLUS it came with the opportunity to build and grow a business.

My Typical Day:

I only work a few hours a day. However, even when I’m just scrolling on social media during down time, I am still working.

==>I start my day on the couch with a cup of coffee in my hand and a cat in my lap. I’m pretty sure I’m his support human and he requires this daily time. I don’t mind. I pet him and spend a good amount of the time just being grateful for my life and the things I have. So, having to appease his needy time leads me to being in gratitude…and gratitude is hugely important in life.

==>Once his needy time is done I then get up, drink my Energize and do my workouts. This usually happens around 9:00am. At this time I do about 15 minutes of the Start Losing program. I take a break and then I do 7 to 10 minutes of the 4 Weeks for Every Body program. It focuses more on strength and body sculpting.

I’m also heavy into yoga and working on my yoga certification, so there is yoga in my day, too.

I use the app on my iPad for this, so then I can go ahead and log my workouts right then, plus check in on my BOD groups. I actually use my iPad as my control center for keeping up with most things, but I’m also a pen and paper gal, too.

==>Once those are done I head to my home office, which is usually around 10:00am.

==>I check email. Actually I should say I delete a lot of emails, because that’s mostly what I do in email right now. LOL

==>I then work on my Yoga certification or any other courses I may be going through.

==>Once that’s done I go to social media and do a daily post at FB and IG. I try to spend some time at IG looking at people—by following hashtags. I will Like, Comment or Follow. I try to follow 5 new people. I click Like on 5 posts and I try to comment on at least 5 people’s posts.

10 of each would be better, but you should start slow until you get more comfortable with it.

This takes around 15 minutes. It takes longer if I need to respond to anyone who’s engaged with me or asked questions.

==>I then spend time planning or brainstorming or prepping for upcoming challenges. Running challenges is the most work of this whole business. That takes about an hour a day.

That’s pretty much my work day. I’m done by noon and I spend the afternoon reading or playing games on Playstation or painting—depending on what I’m in the mood for.

It sounds simple and easy…and it is…but it’s also work. Like I said running the challenges is the hardest part of this business, but it’s not all that difficult once you find your groove and follow a systematic plan.

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