My motto is: EAT MORE BUTTER!


I personally do a mix of the carnivore lifestyle, with keto and paleo, so I refer to myself as #ketopaleovore. However the keto plan allows things that I don’t eat anymore. The almond flours contain oxalates and those are really bad for your body and health. The snacks on keto are still processed foods and I eat as few processed foods as I possibly can.

I do eat some nuts and some fruit from time to time, so that makes me a bit paleo. However, I do not eat vegetables. Once in a while I will have some salsa on an omelet, but that’s it.

I understand this is extremely hard for some people to go carnivore. But, if you don’t want to commit to carnivore, at least commit to keto. Your health, mood and body will thank you.





















I will add links to resources on the carnivore lifestyle and eating plan as I find them. Check back often. If you prefer Keto, you can find resources here.

HEART SURGEON – Get that? A cardiovascular surgeon who will NOT tell you to eat a low-fat plant based diet, because that’s what puts you on his operating table. Watch his interview with Steak and Butter gal at this link.

Dr. Ken Berry – Youtube channel. Practicing physician who fully believes in the carnivore lifestyle for your best health. He is also an advocate for the Keto eating way of life.

Carnivore Doctor – an optometrist on the carnivore way of eating.

Eat Meat Make Music with Steak and Butter Gal

My Zero Carb Life with Kelly Hogan

The Plant Free Doctor – Dr. Anthony Chaffeeneurosurgeon, nutrition specialist, hater of plant foods, 20+year carnivore and easy to look at. Yes this guy is good-looking. 😉 

For recipes – Check out Primal Edge Health. Good mix of carnivore and even keto recipes.

Looking for some great beef? Try Snake River Farms – American Wagyu Beef.