So, I’m a health and wellness coach with the team at Beachbody. We bring you awesome products and programs to help you get healthy and get in shape. Here is just a small listing of the things we offer.

Beachbody on Demand – This is a monthly subscription, like Netflix, except you stream workout videos. How cool is that? There are yoga programs and I love that the 21 Day Yoga Retreat for beginners has each pose in a separate video and explains the pose. Once you get through those, there are full workout videos.

There’s also Tai Cheng, done by Dr. Mark Cheng. Tai Chi is another favorite activity.

Other programs you can select from include: Liift4, Insanity, P90X, 21 Day Fix and many more.

Plus access to my accountability and challenge group!

Beachbody Collagen Boost – For those looking for collagen supplements.

Shakeology – For those looking for delicious shakes to add to their daily plan.

Performance Energize – This is a pre-workout electrolyte blend. I have the strawberry lemonade and it’s not too bad. It’s sweetened with stevia, so if you’ve been cutting sugar, you’re already familiar with the taste of stevia, most likely. If you’re still on sugar, well this won’t be all that sweet tasting to you.

Team Beachbody Apparel – Clothing for those who want to show off their enthusiasm for Team Beachbody.