We’ve talked about how self-doubt can be damaging to your self-esteem, confidence, self-growth and productivity. So, let’s go over some reasons that you should believe in yourself so that you can combat and rid your life of self-doubt. The fact is, this must come from within and not from other people. The idea that if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will is very true. That might seem harsh, but it’s a fact that you’ll need to deal with in your quest to develop your new belief in yourself.

It CAN help to have someone that encourages you, though.

Read the information below, take it in, and really believe it. It’s true of everyone, and you are included in this. You were born with everything you need to experience success in life. Your success may look different from someone else’s success and that’s okay. You should be the one who is happy living your life because it’s your life to live.

You Are Worthy – You really are. Everyone is worthy of working towards a happy, full, and successful life that you enjoy. You can and should wake up each day ready and psyched to continue each day, no matter what it brings. You deserve to feel good about yourself and to rid yourself of self-doubt. You deserve to live a life that invigorates you, regardless of your circumstances. Even if you are experiencing challenges that no one else can relate to, you can still overcome them and live a fulfilling life.

Your Current Relationships – Look at the relationships you have now that are successful.

  • The ones that make you happy.
  • The ones that are supportive.
  • The ones where you are supportive and helpful and make you feel needed.

They likely believe in you, and you believe in them. Imagine if you told those people how you feel inside about yourself; wouldn’t they support you and try to talk you out of your self-doubt? Wouldn’t they give you encouragement? If not, maybe it’s time to reconsider those friendships.

Where You Are Now – Even if you’re struggling now, you’ve survived this far, right? That means you’re doing something right. You’re alive and you’re able to get this and read it. That’s a positive that you should focus on right now. Focus on what you have at this moment that is good. What you’ve accomplished so far is a good reason to believe in yourself.

Prior Success – If you’ve been successful at something, remind yourself of that and celebrate those things.

  • Did you manage to get up this morning? That’s a success.
  • Did you do well in school? That’s a success.
  • Did you get a driver’s license? That’s a success.
  • Did you refrain from smacking someone? Hey, that’s a big success for a lot of people. Right?

If you need to get down to the very smallest success, that’s okay. You don’t have to have huge successes to draw on to know what it feels like to be successful doing something.

You’re Just as Good as Others – Remember that you are just as good as someone else and have the right to work towards the life that you want to live. No one is better than you. On the other hand, you’re no better than anyone else. Never let your work in improving yourself and your life go to your head. Everyone is basically the same, we all have different ideas of what constitutes success and that too is just as good as the next person’s idea of success.

The truth is, if you look from a distance at your problems and put them into relation to the world, how important are they really? If you’ve made some bad choices that have resulted in going through a rough patch emotionally, financially, or spiritually, that’s okay – this is how you grow in life. You grow in life through experiences. It really is how you react to these struggles that make up who you are. No one gets through life without scars. The scars develop and teach us. Life is messy, remember?

==>How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Let’s look at how to overcome negative thoughts so that you can better deal with self-doubt. It is possible to train your mind to overcome and turn negative thoughts around. Let’s look at some strategies to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, or to at least stop the negative thoughts faster when they start.


Please note: Working towards more positive thoughts can be a struggle and it will take time. The negative thoughts will never completely go away, but how you react and deal with them can improve and shut them up a lot quicker.

Change the Focus – When you encounter a negative situation, try to immediately turn it into something positive by focusing on what you can learn about the situation. Even if all you learn is that you don’t want to do that again, that’s a positive thing.

Most People Don’t Care – The truth is, even if you do something that you feel embarrassed about, most people don’t care that much. It’s a sad fact, but they really don’t. If you can learn to laugh at the situation, that’s even better. Most people really don’t have time to think about your bad choices, especially if it doesn’t affect them.

Replace Negativity in Your Life – Whether it’s people, places, or things, it’s time to rid your life of negativity when you can. Sometimes negative people attract negative people. If you want to be more positive, try to find new friends, new activities, and things that make you happy and feel positive. If your spouse is the negative person in your life, you may just need to find ways to spend time alone and regroup. Shuck it off, as they say. A nice bubble bath can work wonders. 😉

Take to Someone – Now, make sure the person you’re talking to is positive and doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes it helps to ask someone if you’re overacting, especially if you can find someone who understands how you’re trying to change your life and get over self-doubt. This may be a professional, a life coach, or a friend – even someone from a support group or an entire support group.

Stop Thinking About It – Sometimes negative thoughts can ruin the experience you’re trying to create or live. Any time you work on yourself, those negative thoughts are just going to creep in. Your subconscious is trying to keep you safe. It does its job a little too well sometimes. So, work at pushing those thoughts aside and be present in the moment. Being in the present enables you to truly realize that this thing isn’t all that negative, or not as bad as your mind is trying to tell you. Remind yourself of something that makes you feel good, like how much progress you have already made.

TIP: Try keeping a negative thought journal. Write down the negative thoughts that pop into your mind. Later on, you can go back through them and see if there’s a pattern, or ones that keep popping up. Once you see the negative thoughts, write them on a 3×5 card. On the backside of the card, write out a new, positive, empowering thought.

Exercise – When it comes down to it, most of us have a lot of extra energy (adrenaline) that needs to be burned off. Some people realize this and that’s why they get moving. Whenever you start experiencing negative thoughts, instead of letting yourself do it, get some exercise. Go to the gym, go for a run, go for a walk, ride your bike, jump rope, go for a swim – anything that you can do that you like doing is a good thing to do instead of thinking negatively.

Or start cleaning house. That’s something pretty much anyone can do and it can get your mind off the negative thoughts. Plus, you can feel good about yourself for a job well done. 😉

Realize When It’s Really Fear – Sometimes negativity will poke its head in your life when you’re doing something a little bit uncomfortable or pushing your comfort zone a bit. There is a quote by Jack Canfield that is useful here, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” If you can remind yourself of this quote when you are experiencing negative thoughts associated with fear, you can overcome it.

It will help a lot with overcoming negative thoughts if you put these suggestions into action. You may come up with some of your own, too. The point is, you want to turn negative thoughts around so that you can experience a more positive day. That way, you don’t get stuck in a pattern of self-doubt.

You can also start working on how you start your day.



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Be Blessed!

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