yoga practice at homeCan you start a yoga practice at home? Yoga is an amazing way to de-stress, unclutter your mind, achieve emotional peace, rid yourself of pain, and get healthier. However, it can be hard to find the time to make it to class, and it can be a pain to fight through traffic to get to it. This coupled with the fact that you can find tons of great guides and videos online to help you DIY makes doing yoga at home a good choice for many. Here’s what you need to get started!

The right space is critical. It doesn’t have to be a big space, but it does have to be clean, uncluttered, and promote quiet, calm, and serenity. It should also have enough space for you to move around comfortably and perform your poses, as well as a neat and organized section to store your equipment.



Get the Right Equipment


This includes all the basics, like your mat, some straps, some blocks, even bolsters and blankets. Everything you need to be comfortable and do your best. Everyday yoga is a great place to shop for yoga equipment and supplies.

Good goals and a time frame that works for you can help you improve more quickly and alleviate any stress. If a 30-minute class stresses you out, aim for a 15-minute beginner session and work your way up as you feel inclined to.




Listen Closely to the Instructions

yoga practice at homeIf you’re using a faulty guide or the instructor you’re watching isn’t clear with directions, you can end up getting turned off of yoga, or worse – you could end up getting hurt! Make sure that the videos or instructional guides that you’re following are highly rated, easy for you to understand, and clearly depict what you’re supposed to do. We have awesome yoga inside Beachbody that are taught correctly, with safety in mind.


Start With the Basics.


Doing yoga at home without an instructor to correct any mistakes you may be making is much different than being in class. Start from the beginning, ensure that you’re doing the poses correctly, and move forward when you feel ready.




Tips for Staying Motivated

When you’re in class it’s easy to stay motivated – you make friends that you look forward to seeing on certain days, even when you may not feel like actually doing the yoga. When you’re practicing at home, it’s harder to stay committed. Doing small daily practices in the morning when you have time and energy and making time for it over the course of the week by cutting out activities that don’t serve you are two great ways to ensure that you still get your yoga in.

However, motivation can be damned hard and shouldn’t be a driving force. Mel Robbins has an excellent podcast on why motivation can be garbage…and what you can do instead. Listen to the episode below.

With the right equipment, the right guidance, and the right attitude, starting a yoga practice at home can be easy.

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