The choice regarding whether to take a storefront studio yoga class or an online yoga class comes with benefits and challenges surrounding each option. Different individuals prefer each for a variety of reasons, all of which are completely valid. While studio yoga allows for a sense of community, online yoga can be done in the intimate setting of your own home.

Studio Yoga

Studio yoga promotes a group setting with verbal or nonverbal interactions among students and teachers. Physical assists are possible in poses, as well as friendly conversation before and after class. A studio based class brings you physically away from work and other distractions so that you may be more likely to focus completely on your practice. Your teacher can provide feedback, if desired, about progress and particular poses that may be likely to help any current muscle-related or physical ailments. Conversely, studio yoga typically costs a significant amount of money per class, even if you buy a bulk number of classes at once. You also need to factor in commuting time to and from the studio before and after class.

Online Yoga

online yoga classesAn online yoga class will allow you to practice in the comfort of your own home without any potential or perceived judgment from students or teachers. You are in the safest space that exists, and you are free to make audible noises, pause the practice to stretch, or do anything else your body needs during the session. Often, online sessions are preferable for anyone who does not wish to socialize or for beginners who may want a basic understanding of poses before tackling a studio setting. However, it is important to note that online yoga does not allow for any human interaction. Additionally, it may require more self-discipline to stay focused and not become distracted by family members or household tasks.

Truly, online yoga can provide an individualized experience that allows for any customization that an individual may benefit from. At-home yogis are free to play with different poses at their own pace rather than being rushed by a studio paced class. Home is often the most comfortable environment where candles can be lit, music played, or other factors adjusted to provide the perfect ambiance.

Of course I am currently working from home while I get my certification, so I am fully behind those who want to practice yoga at home and I do promote the yoga classes we have inside Beachbody. There are also plenty of people on Youtube offering yoga videos. I may even do that myself one day. Right now I just don’t have the equipment for making good videos.

Studio and online yoga both have their benefits and challenges to consider. Different yoga experiences exist so that individuals who flourish in varying environments can all get whatever it is they need out of a particular session. Also be sure to check out my post on types of yoga so you have a better idea of which style may be the best option for you. Be sure to read my post on Everything You Need to Do Yoga at Home.

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