yoga clothesWhen joining a yoga class your yoga clothes do more than just make you look good. Of course looking good makes you feel great so that is important. However, yoga clothes are meant to be practical. The one thing that is essential is they should be easy to move in, easy to wash and above all durable. You can wear shorts and a tee-shirt if that’s your choice. You can also wear jeans if they aren’t too tight to move in.

But, let’s face it…we all want yoga clothes when doing yoga, so here’s some other tips.

What to Wear For Yoga

If you visit any sporting goods store either in person or online, you will see a multitude of yoga outfits. Yoga wear comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Then there are lines that cater to children, such as girl’s yoga pants and men’s yoga attire.

Basically it is up to you to choose what type of yoga clothing you will feel comfortable in. Remember you will be doing many different poses and so you want your clothing to move with you. There is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to twist or bend and your yoga pants don’t accommodate this!

You can find lots of yoga clothes at sites like Everyday Yoga or even at Amazon. Some clothes at Amazon, if you have the Prime account, will allow you to try them before you pay for them. I LOVE this feature. You get a full 7 days before you have to decide if you’re keeping them or sending them back.

Organic yoga clothing is becoming extremely popular today. This type of clothing keeps in line with the tradition of yoga, using simplicity and basic items. Organic clothing and mats are easy to find and come with an affordable price tag.

How to Buy Yoga Clothing

When buying yoga clothing you want to have clothes that are made of a breathable material. You are going to be sweating while practicing yoga and you don’t want clothes which will stick to your skin and rub.

Online shopping for yoga clothes is all the rage and you might be surprised at the variety that is offered. Yoga is a popular form of exercise and online stores are meeting the demand for yoga clothes and equipment.

In fact, with so many stores selling yoga clothing the prices are actually very competitive. This benefits you as the end customer. You can easily afford to shop for the best deals. When deciding where to purchase your yoga essentials look to see if the store charges for delivery and shipping. Sometimes buying out of state or province will help you save on sales tax charges!

The Bare Basics

yoga clothesThe basics for yoga include purchasing yoga pants, a top and a yoga mat. These would be considered the bare essentials for any yoga class. If you are a beginner then it is a wise choice to purchase the basics before dishing out any more money. Once you are certain that yoga is for you then you can spend more money on further yoga outfits and equipment.

Hot tip: Be sure to get a good thick mat. They may cost a little more, but the extra padding is well worth it. I have a thin mat—-which is currently being used as a rug in the bottom of my closet. Just sayin’. I use my thicker mat for actual yoga practice.

Yoga is a great form of exercise and doesn’t have to be that expensive. If joining a yoga class is a little too expensive or uncomfortable for you right now, purchase yoga DVDs to help you get started instead.

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