If you‘ve never been in a boat, the idea of putting yourself in a tiny boat that you must steer and paddle with your arms might seem like a daunting endeavor, but with a small amount of research, you could find yourself taking off to go on a kayaking vacation in no time. People everywhere have begun to see the value of kayaking, but how do you get into it? This article will be sharing a few tips for kayaking beginners.

Learn How to Kayak

The first things you should always learn when it comes to outdoor activities like this should be your basic technique, and your safety precautions. It would be a good idea to find an instructor that is very experiences and also certified by the American Canoe Association to teach professionally. This will cut out some of the time it may take to learn on your own, and with a teacher, they will set you on a path that helps you to avoid getting bad habits that can impair your progress. Be sure to be realistic about your goals. Start off in a calmer area and avoid rapids when you are starting out.

Kayak Safety
Safety is one of the most import pieces of the skill set you need to kayak. There are a number of tools you need such as a life vest, and in this case, you will want to get a life vest that is specifically designed for kayaking. These special life vests allow for a wider range of motion so that you can sit properly in the kayak and paddle without being obstructed. When you are in faster moving or rocky waters you should always wear a helmet to avoid exposing yourself to a possible head injury. Dry bags are more recommended than spray skirts because spray skirts can trap you underwater if the kayak were to capsize of turn over.

Learning to Paddle a Kayak

Learning to paddle is crucial because each stroke controls the power and direction of the kayak.

Even though strength is a good thing to have, technique is the most important part of using a kayak, and nearly anyone can learn how to paddle with some focused effort. When you decided to purchase a paddle, be sure that the one you select is better quality so that you get something that will serve you well. A Nicer paddle will be lighter and easier to use because the materials will be high quality.

Note: If you have a health condition or a heart condition like me, using your arms can be a bit of a struggle, so you want to start off slow and easy and maybe just paddle in circles close to the bank. Also, be sure to have someone with you in case you get too tired and wornout.

You can purchase an inflatable kayak that is easy to transport. If you have a nearby lake that’s the perfect place to start learning—before you try hitting white water or rapids on a river. A friend of mine bought one of these and she absolutely loves it. It’s so easy for her to pack up and head to the lake. I actually have one in my wish list. 😉

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