Aquatic exercise is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you can have. And it’s not just for kids! These low impact exercises can help to strengthen muscles, improve stamina, and tone your physique. When you incorporate objects into your exercise routines, it can be very fun, and help you to focus on more specific muscle groups, but what sort of tools should you try? Pool noodles make excellent workout accessories in the water. As you read the following article, you will learn about a few pool noodle water workouts.

Noodle Push and Pull

The Noodle Push and Pull is normally focused on the upper body, but with a few small changes, can be easily converted into a complete body workout. To perform this exercise, you will want to be in water deep enough to make it to your chest. Hold the noodle close to your chest beneath the water. Your palms should be facing downward. Push the noodle down deeper into the water until your arms are completely extended. Slowly allow it to rise in the water to define reps. To convert the noodle push and pull into a full body exercise, walk around in the water as you perform it.

Pool Noodle Running

Go to the side of the pool that has waist deep water. Place the noodle at your belt area and bend it into the shape of a U with the prongs facing forward. Run through the water so that the noodle creates a hefty amount of resistance. Move steadily through the water a speed that allows you to feel the resistance, from one side to the other. Repeat until you raise your heart rate for about 5 minutes. Rest, then repeat the exercise for another 5 minutes. This will build leg muscle and strengthen your core.

Noodle Tucks

Go to the deeper end up the pool so that you can float somewhat. Use the pool noodle to stabilize yourself so that you can comfortably raise your legs using your abs. Bring your knees up to your chest as far as you can go, hold for two seconds then release. Rest for a minute, then repeat the tucks for ten repetitions. If you want to make this exercise more intense, double your reps and alternate with pool noodle running. This will engage more of the body for a more complete workout.

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