My oldest daughter on some kind of hoop.

When you think of pole dancing, you probably think of a Gentlemen’s club or similar environment. What you may not think of is pole dancing as an in home, or studio, workout option. That’s the thoughts I had when my oldest daughter said she was getting into pole fitness. But she explained it was for fitness only and not as a new career—other than teaching pole fitness to other people. All images related to this post are of my daughter and her personal equipment. (She is also planning to open a pole studio in the near future.)

You may believe the misconception that pole dancing workouts do not benefit you and are difficult if not impossible for someone overweight to do and see any results from.I know for a fact it does help get you in shape. My daughter has regained her shape and strength following two pregnancies where she gained a lot of extra weight.

Before you totally overlook the option, consider these reasons that you should give pole dancing a try.

Muscle Training

When you use a pole dancing as a fitness method, you will be doing more than just dancing. You will need to use your arms, your core, your abs, and your legs to help with the dance moves and to keep you balanced during them. In beginner stages, you will start to feel sore muscles and you will be able to work the muscles easily to feel areas that need more work. As you get into more advanced workouts, you will find that you are using your legs or arms to hold you up on the pole while your core muscles hold your body in a stable position. If you are looking for an ideal workout to build muscle tone and strength, this may be it.

Reduced Inflammation

The way a pole dance workout works the body, means that you are moving joints as well as muscles and body areas that you would not normally be reaching in basic workouts or cardio options. Because you are working areas of your body that you would not normally working, you are getting oxygen into those areas. As oxygen gets into the areas, you are helping your joints and muscles to get more of what they need. This means that you are decreasing inflammation that can set in around stiff muscles and joints which can also reduce pain.

My oldest daughter has a pole in her living room and owns a pole studio.

Full Body Workout

One of the things that many people overlook with pole dancing is that it is a full body workout. It gives you four exercises in one full body exercise. For example, you are getting strength training as well as endurance training along with flexibility, and cardio. This gives you more for your time. This is especially true if you are comparing it to traditional workout methods and circuit workouts.

These are just a few of the benefits that pole dancing can bring to your health goals and workout routine. You can start off with a pole dancing class or you can buy a pole for your home and try it in the comfort of your home.

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P.S. You can find my daughter’s website at this link. It’s pole fitness and a whole lot more.

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