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No matter how much in home fitness routines you work through, there is always some form of routine or accessory that you haven’t heard of or know very little about. One of those accessories is a bosu ball. This ball is a half ball that is stabilized on the bottom with either a flat plastic surface or other stabilizing material. The ball is used to help with balance and posture while doing various exercises. This all may seem a bit unclear if you have never used or seen a bosu ball. Here is a quick overview of using a bosu ball for fitness and what you need to know.

Bosu Balls Offer Beginner and Advanced Options

One of the first things you need to know about bosu balls and your workout is that they offer beginner and advanced options. When you first use the bosu ball you will notice that it has a sort of half ball top that resembles half of balance ball or something similar. The bottom of the ball is a flat surface that allows for stabilization when using the balance ball top of the bosu. As you advance in your workouts, such as planking and push-ups, you can flip the ball over. This gives you the ball as your balancing point which is a smaller surface and means you need to use more of your muscles to keep balance and on point. This builds your strength and advances your workout without buying new equipment.

Bosu Balls Give a Full Body Workout

Some of the first exercises you will learn are balancing on one foot, balancing during squats, and push-ups. However, there are more exercises that you can do with the bosu ball than just these. You can get a full body workout from the bosu ball. You can do planking to work your abs, yoga poses to work your core and legs, push-ups and dips to work your arms, and the list goes on. If you need a full body workout from one piece of equipment, then you may find what you need in the bosu ball.

Bosu Balls Offer Accessories to Get More Out of Them

You can buy accessories of the bosu ball like resistance bands. These can help you work your arms, triceps, and strengthening while you are doing your other workouts. You can also use them for your legs while you are doing leg lifts and mountain climbers to give more resistance to those areas and get your muscles working further to help.

This is just an overview of the bosu ball and what it can do for you. There are various exercises and tips that you should consider as well. If you are interested in using a bosu ball for your fitness routine, consider discussing it with a gym instructor. They can show you the proper way to use the ball and help you to get started on the right foot. You can also find many styles and colors of Bosu Balls at Amazon if you think it’s something you want to try.

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