Trampolines have been part of workout routines for decades. Usually they are a small in home one person option. They are generally used to increase your cardio and heart rate to help with calorie burn. You may be thinking that an indoor trampoline workout isn’t for you or something that would not help. However, it may actually be the next best fitness trend. Here are a few things to consider about the indoor trampoline workouts and how they may work for you.

Full Gym Options

One of the things you may not think about when you first look at indoor trampoline workouts is the ability to make them into a full gym. This is fairly easy to do, and you don’t really need any accessories to start. In the gym, you usually go for your full body workout options. You may do the whole body a few days a week, or you may do certain body areas on certain days. You can do this with the indoor trampoline. For example, you can do planks, you can do balance options, and you can mix it up to work your core and abs. You can also do stabilizing push-ups as well.

In Home or Trampoline Gyms

You have options with trampoline workouts to workout at home or in a trampoline park or gym. This gives you more flexibility with your workouts and allows you to do more intense workouts at home and meet up with groups to do lighter workouts in the trampoline parks or gyms. In trampoline parks, you have the ability to use accessories that you would not be able to use at home. In fact, some allow you to take classes that are trampoline workouts along with aerial routines.

Portability and Accessories

When you think about the portability of your indoor workouts, you probably keep it simple with just a DVD and possibly a piece of small equipment. You may not think that this is possible with a mini indoor trampoline, but it is. There are several accessories you could by like a bar and resistance bands which turn the trampoline into a home gym. However, you don’t have to give up your space for that. Mini trampolines and accessories can usually fold down and slide under a sofa or behind a door easily.

By keeping these points in mind, you may find that using a trampoline would be the ideal option for you. You can also decide what size trampoline is best and start looking for the right gear for you.

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