Changes, no matter how minor, can be an extremely difficult part of life. Let’s be real here, we all like having some kind of routine. It helps us to feel in control. And we all what that life where you basically get up at the same time every day, get dressed, do your work, come home, have dinner and then hit the sack. It may be boring, but it’s also comfortable.

However, life has shown us that change is inevitable, like it or not. And if you know that changes are coming (and they always are), there are ways in which you can adjust your mindset to prepare yourself for these changes better. You should expect some changes in life, that way you’re never caught off guard or unable to roll with them. Here’s some tip to help you be ready for change.

Let The Past Go

If you are holding on to something, or someone in your past, it will be impossible to meet the future with open arms. And since you never know when it may be time to change, make it a practice to let go of things that regularly negatively impact your life. That way, you will be able to adequately embrace change when it does arrive.

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Stay Curious

Never be afraid to ask questions, and keep your mind open when you get answers. By questioning the things around you, you engage your critical thinking skills, which may be required when you make a change. Staying curious is best done by asking “what-if” questions about any situation you may encounter.

And, it can be a lot of fun. Use your journal to write out some fun “what if” scenarios.

  • What if a monkey showed up at your door and you decided to take him into your home if no one claims him?
  • What if you won the lottery?
  • What if you woke up one day and the world was in black and white?

These may be a bit silly, bu have fun with them. Once you do that start working on more serious scenarios about life.

Have Backup Plans

A lot of people think having a backup plan is not having confidence in yourself. And this isn’t entirely true. Although you should never plan to use your backup plans, you should still have them, as creating scenarios when things may go wrong engages the same critical thinking skills listed above. And having these critical thinking skills can help you better anticipate problems or issues, making a change much easier to embrace.

Look For Inspiration

If you are going through every day on autopilot when change happens, it will likely shock you, and you won’t know how to respond. On the flip side, if you constantly are looking for ways in which your life will change, when it does change, you will be more prepared to handle whatever is coming your way—even if it changes in a way you didn’t expect. One of the best ways to look for inspiration is just by looking within yourself during a period of meditation or visualization.

If you want to be ready and prepared to meet whatever change comes your way, you must get into the proper mindset now. You can get yourself in this mindset by leaving the past behind, remaining curious, looking for inspiration, and by having backup plans. All of these combined will help clear your mind and prepare your critical thinking skills to conquer the unknown.

As always, take everything to your journal. Your journal is a great place to work out all sorts of issues. If you haven’t started journaling, grab my Kickstart Guide below.

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