Change is difficult and uncomfortable, and because of this, you may have a hard time knowing when it is time to make a change within your life. However, there are several signs you can watch out for, which can help indicate to you that it is truly best for you to make a change.

You Aren’t Proud Of Your Friends or You’re Envious of Them and Others

When your best friend calls you to tell you her exciting news, and all you can feel are feelings of anger and jealousy or you’re just not all that happy for them, this is a sign that something is making you unhappy in your own life. If this happens to you, take a good long look at what makes you unhappy in your life, and when you find it, start working towards changing it.

You Spend Lots of Time Daydreaming

This is definitely one I get stuck in from time to time. Okay, maybe more often than I’d like to admit. Everyone daydreams sometimes, but if you are spending more time in your imagined future than the present, this is a sign that you need to change something within your life. Perhaps consider starting by turning one of your daydreams into an achievable goal. Spend some time each day journaling about your dreams. My workshop Vision Boards & Vision Journals is all about daydreaming on paper, more or less. Also check out my page of free journal pages you can download, print and add to a 3-ring binder.

You Lie About How You Are Feeling

When your friend or coworker asks how you are, you should say you are great without having to lie. If you find that you’re always telling someone you are okay when you are not, this is a bad sign. You deserve to be happy, and you might have to make changes in your life for that to happen.

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You Know There Has To Be More To Life

You know the feeling. Maybe you get off work and sit in traffic and know there has to be something different out there, which is better for you. Maybe you crave a lifestyle that allows you more time freedom. If you have these feelings, then change is most certainly a necessity in your life. Feeling like you need change is the most certain sign that you need change, and it’s time to listen to these feelings. You’ll feel better when you do.

Sometimes it may seem like staying the same is the easier choice in life. But if you find you are no longer proud of your friends, daydream all the time, and feel awful, this is a sign that it is time for you to make a change. And if you think there has to be more out there for you than there currently is, it is most definitely true, so take the leap and commit to making a change in your life today. Grab my free Prioritize Your Life guide and get started making some changes today.

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