There are many ways of journaling in the modern world, so it’s really a question of what is easy, likely to help you stick with it, and will make it fun and interesting enough that you will be motivated to keep on doing it.

Paper-based Journals

Paper and pen

The traditional way is of course paper and pen. They are portable if you choose a small notebook, and studies have shown that writing things down tends to help the mind process better. It is also less likely to get hacked, though it is more likely to be read by others if you leave it sitting around. It can get lost if you are careless with it on your travels and there will be no digital backups.

The Bullet Journal

The method is a way to become more productive. It’s not really a place for in-depth emotional analysis or recording of events, but rather, a planner to keep you organized so you can plow through your to-do list like a pro. There’s a handy video to show you how to set one up and put all tasks in there, then record them as done, or move them on to the next month.

The Sorta Journal, and similar journals

The Sorta Journal offers a range of different papers and allows you to take pages out and replace them as needed. The video is interesting because it gives you an idea of types of paper that can be used. But you can also get sheets of various kinds and glue them into your regular journal, or use a looseleaf with a hole punch. You could also get a paper notebook with pockets for storing your special items. A similar product that might be worth considering is the Blueline MiracleBind Notebook, which comes in a range of colors with a variety of papers.

The Panda Planner

The Panda Planner is a paper notebook that sets you up with a motivational quote, and a range of papers to help you become more productive. It also comes with 7 e-books on various topics that encourage you to be your best self and work on a particular project, such as becoming more productive, with the help of the Panda Planner.

Themed Journals

There is a wide range of themed journals that can tap into your interests and make journaling more enjoyable. Angels, teddy bears, you name it, there’s a journal for that. Many have inspirational quotes, writing prompts, and images designed to stimulate your senses. Some journals are plain on the outside, while others are gorgeous. Journaling should feel like a pleasure, not a chore, so shop around to find a journal that suits your taste and personality, and ‘feels right’ when you use it.

Digital Pens and Paper

This could be the best of both worlds. Digital pens like Livescribe work in one of several ways. They are a pen with real ink. They are also digital pens that record your work on special paper so that your information can then be uploaded to your computer. The latest generation also has a microphone built in.

They are ideal for students or busy executives who want to make sure the notes they are taking sync up with what has been said. These pens and pads, therefore, give you the option of recording your thoughts anywhere, at any time, either in writing or orally, then downloading them via your USB port. The disadvantage is that once something is digital, it can get hacked, but the plus side is it can really keep you organized and on track with all that is important to you.

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