When you begin a plan for an at home workout, you may immediately go to the type of equipment you need. It may surprise you to find out there are several workouts that don’t require equipment at all. The misconception is that these workouts will not give you the results you need in the time constraints you have. The truth is, you can get better results than you might think. And it doesn’t take a ton of your time. Plus, if you’re over 50 you probably aren’t in the mood to do a bunch of bouncy step aerobics just yet. That might come later though. 😉

I went on a search for some routines you can do at home. You will require an Internet connection so you can watch Youtube videos, but since you’re reading this it’s a safe bet you have one.


I wasn’t familiar with this. It seems to be more like aerobics than anything else. Tabata workouts require no equipment and give you a full body workout easily. The idea behind tabata is doing intervals of intense workout and then rest. For example, most people start out by doing 20 seconds of high intensity workout followed by 10 seconds of rest. They do this in intervals until the entire body workout is done. You can then repeat this eight or more times. The only weights required are what your own body has to offer. All you need is you and the floor.

Check out this video:


Yoga can be done with no equipment. Though you may immediately think of things like yoga blocks, straps, resistance bands, and so on. The truth is these may help if you are new to yoga, but they are not required. By knowing a few basic moves, you can make yoga work for you with no equipment at all. You can also span out to options like Tai Chi and other similar workouts. You can use a chair or your coffee table for support when you need it, so you do not have to rush out and buy the blocks or stuff like that.

Here’s a routine I work on from time to time. It is tough and I do not make it through it. But, if you can just do five minutes of yoga per day….that’s a damn good start. And if you’re over 50 I’m sure you are familiar with Raquel. 😉


Stationary Walking

Stationary walking is just what it sounds like. You follow an online coach on free sites or DVD options and you simply walk through a mile or more. This home workout may sound boring but you will be changing intensity levels, moving your arms during the workout, and combining aerobic workouts with the walking. This is an ideal option that works for people who may not want a treadmill in their home and may not have an area where walking four miles in a short amount of time is doable or safe.

Here’s a great video to get you started. This is only one mile, but Leslie has more videos for more miles if this one is too easy for you.

Cardio Dance

Cardio dance uses your imagination and music you enjoy. No equipment is required. You can use the radio on your phone, music on your phone, or some other option for the music. Ideally, you are just dancing. You can do specific dance options for more cardio or full body workouts, but overall this is the same type of cardio you would get a dance club, you are just in your home and dancing to what you want how you want. It will work up your heart rate and help you drop weight easily.

However, if you’d like to follow video I found one for you.

Body Weight Circuit Training

Body weight circuit training is similar to Tabata but does not require the HITT intervals of intense workout and rest. Instead you are doing a series of workouts like push-ups, sit-ups, and so on. You do a certain amount of reps and then move on to the next part of the workout. You use your own body weight to give you resistance.

I found this video for that. Note that he is on concrete with his bare knees. Show off. You have permission to put a towel under your knees or do this on a yoga mat.


And for my favorite aerobics routine I wanted to share Gilad, from Bodies in Motion. This routine is with a couple of kids so it’s pretty easy. Hey, us over 50s like to keep things easy, too.

And if you want to give Tai Chi a shot, this is the routine I work on. It seems super slow when you first start, but after about two weeks of sticking to it, you start to enjoy the slowness and being able to calm your mind.

Something to keep in mind with these workouts is the ability to work them into a revolving routine that gives you maximum results. If you want to purchase weights or other equipment you can, but even at high intensity levels the equipment is not necessary, making these workouts the most affordable option for your at home workouts.

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